Snow cover effects

Looking at the incoming data – which is continuous from the Lochan node – I noticed the temperature flatlining since Nov 25th which shows the box is probably in snow now:

This temperature graph shows that the temperature of the lochan node is flat-lining. This normally indicates the box is snow covered and hence thermally insulated.

The battery charge – which was beginning to show signs of reduced solar charging (deeper dips) – also shows a sigificant drop. It is possible the solar panel – which is mounted on the ground – has some snow cover.

This plot shows the normal overnight dips and solar charging cycles becoming deeper. Oce the snow has settled the charge is dropping to around 70%.

Long term sensing

Today’s summary plot shows we have been successful getting data from the mountain over a period of two years. This is the simple on-board temperature but it shows that the network is ready for deployments with more real-world sensors!

This is the long-term plot of temperatures obtained onboard the sensor nodes, It shows that data has been obtained almost continuously since summer 2015.

A look at solar charging

This plot of the state-of-charge for the Lochan node shows that the charging is working very well – with a high average. It will be interesting to see the onset of autumn later.


This plot shows battery charge current (count is proportional to mA). The charge controller only charges the battery when it is below a certain level.


zooming into the plot shows daily spikes of charge

Sensor Network working well today!

This sensor node links our radio network up into the peat study area

This sensor node links our radio network up into the peat study area

In order to cover the study area over the ridge – we placed this sensor node in a strategic place so it passes traffic across. By this time the packets have come 3km up to the mountain then 1km across to this node – then another 600m down to the peat area.

All this with 868MHz radios running IPv6 (6LowPAN) and CoAP to gather the data!


Arthur – our superb intern team member this summer has worked very hard to get the CoAP layer working for the system and has now seen it in action on the mountain.

Animal camera

When we visited the estate in June we left a camera deployed to take pictures of any wildlife that went past.  The camera deployed was an off the shelf trail camera to give us an idea of what we could expect to capture if we developed our own imaging system.  Below is one of the pictures taken by the system.

An example picture from the animal camera

An example picture from the animal camera